The Genesis

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The Biggest of Journeys and The Mightiest Of Voyages red-lettered in the History of this planet began with a single small Step, firmly put in the right Direction. In simpler words, however long and complicated any endeavor might be, it always needs to be initiated with something short and simple…and honestly speaking, it is this short stride that takes the maximum effort and tests your best dedication towards your goal !!!……Though it sounds too erudite in writing but its kinda a regular experience to me…right from stepping out of the blanket onto the cold mosaic (..just hate to step out of bed in these chilly have to take this step, for the sake of another 24 hours of optimistic approach to lyf !!!) to flipping open the cover page of any of my textbooks, the real piece of work is to actually get things started!!! ..perhaps best described in terms of physics as,’ The Static Friction is alwayz greater than the Rolling Friction’ -guess now i understood why they had included the physics paper in da first sem of engg!!!…but what has it got to do wid my beginning at da blogosphere?…well as i said, the above mentioned philosophy of lyf reflects in almost every fresh decision i take n the move to start blogging wuz nothing different…..
It took me around 2 months to finally sit down n write my first blog post ( could have been earlier though but with the BPUT exam dates postponing and my preparation going nowhere,the days just rolled on…),yep the one Ur reading now- my Pilot post,which marks my entry into this wonderful medium of sharing my life with the world…something which gives my habit of diary writing a much larger audience now and what better day to start this journey than The Christmas Day-globally celebrated for spreading the message of Luv n happiness to the world. Hope the jingles and the magic of this Day lingers in all my posts starting from here till the next Christmas Eve.
Merry Christmas Friends and do participate in spreading the God’s message of  Love n Peace in the World…..
“Christmas is forever, not for just one day,
for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf.
The good you do for others is good you do yourself…”
                                                                              ~Norman Wesley Brooks,
“Let Every Day Be Christmas,” 1976
Waiting for Responses n Comments 🙂
Abhisek Mohapatra

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