Origin | Take II – Back Again!

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Hey Folks….

If getting started was difficult, then sitting back for a while clearing up the mess on your table(…quite literally!) n getting back to what you were doing prior to that, takes a lotz more for sure. When I finished writing my first post, I had this feeling of contentment that finally i posted my much-anticipated entry to the blog-space..something which i had wanted to since months back! But little did i knew that this achievement would me my only scribe here for the next 8 months to come.Now after all this time i thought of braving another go at blogging..so here i am, this tym to stay.
In this looooooong tym since my first post here, my lyf has gone through many significant changes -the most celebrated one that demands a mention here is that I completed my engineering n I’m an Engineer nw!…n adding to that i also succeeded in bagging a Job of a Software Engineer (Trainee as of now) in a MNC..a gud start yeah! Apart from that there were many more moments to cherish -getting my first salary(can’t forget dat day…n dat moment in particular..LOL) n some small packets of happiness thanx 2 some special people in my lyf (spelled as ‘Frnz n Family’…n nothin’ more).These months saw me transforming from out-of-the-college-campus into the corporate arena-with much difficulty-though its hard to shake-off 4 yrs of college lyf in just 90 odd dayz.Its just very hard to move out of some of the best years of your life and as many other will agree, you never know where to start that move.
 When people say its time to move out of the engineering skin n get real,
    i belive that’s the stupidest thing to do…ask me why..simply coz…
          “ If an Engineering student thinks to do Something, His Will Be Done! ”       
            “Will alwayz cherish these 4 years of total Fun wid all my Frnz Forever”
                                                                                    – Luv U all, Abhisek

Got any Suggestions or Comments, eh?

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