Rise & Shine.

[Featured Photo Courtesy: Google Images]
Phew…when i thought that writing a blog would be a cake walk of sorts for me, lil’ did I know this is gonna be a one big tough cake to bake!!!! 😀
Well having said that, there were lot other reasons too that somehow kept me off the hook and I can’t blame it all on my super procrastination levels alone. There were days flooded with that not-a-damn-attitude where all that seemed to matter was my work and something to take my mind off that before i plunge into it again the next day. Not so great days of my life in terms of growth and direction. I was just living, the same day for some months at a stretch. Needed a Change. Needed to let go.
Finally decided to leave back certain things, all that which holds you back onto that comfort zone that slowly shifts into the well of despair, shutting out all those lights of hope and excitement and engulfing you in a smoke of self damnation that would some day devour all that still remains of your miserable pathetic life. Picked them, put them in line and smoked them…the last in line was shifting to a new place and starting all over.
Pushed open those huge glass windows of my new room and felt that fresh gush of air hit my face. Along with the wind drifted in all those leaflets of ideas that were long-lost somewhere and breathe life all the new hopes of continuing those dreams of making it big, making it large and at least making it all count.
So this is where I will like to zoom into the present…one wonderful lazy Sunday..not much clutter in the mind…one mug of my fav cold coffee…my usual nice quiet place in the café, beside the huge glass pane overlooking the city…I sit writing this and there is just so much to say…………..
Till next time, adios.
– Abhisek 🙂

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