‘Cold’ is in the Air!!!

[Featured photo Courtesy: Google Images]
Aaa..aa..aachooooo……sniff!…HATE IT, just simply hat…achooo ..argh! Seriously flu virus is the most irritating visitor u can have in a already dampening rainy season. Water damp splashes everywhere and finally down your nose too, great!
Now wishing that the lil’ tab that I gulped down with high hopes will give the virus a run, I sit down for a break. Sometimes its so amusing that the small moral stories we read in our schooling days come off as big lessons learnt. I just learnt one the hard way and maybe I’m still through the practical.
Being the little charming ‘chaos’-as lovingly named by a few- I am in my lovely office space, I just cant help ignore some red sneezing fountain sitting around me..lol. Now being the modesty blaze himself, I offered a few soothing words and quickly followed them by jokes n comments which continued for the rest of the day. Call it poetic justice or some viral contagion through the air (maybe a shrap too! High chances there) the next day I had it!
Moral : So kids remember, never annoy someone who’s having a bad patch…he/she might cough it back at you.       😡
Now being a fountain myself, albeit a smarter n cooler one, I wonder we as humans never seem to understand the other side until we actually sink our feet in their shoes. It takes so little to put up a good smile and a little effort to cheer someone up in bad times and still we prefer to ignore or be sympathetic about it. I still hope the cold had a good time in my body and after being such a wonderful guest faculty to the moral science class it should leave with all the grace….unless my Super-Charged WBC’s have their own lil’ show comin’ up!
 With all sneeze n coughs,
-Abhisek 😉

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