New Super-Black Material Absorbs 99 Percent of All Light That Dares to Strike It

[Courtesy: This is posted  by Rebecca Boyle on the popular site]

Ultra-Absorbent Nanomaterial This view (0.03 inches wide) shows the internal structure of a carbon nanotube coating that absorbs about 99 percent of the ultraviolet, visible, infrared, and far-infrared light that strikes it. A section of the coating, which was grown on smooth silicon, was removed to show the tubes’ vertical alignment. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Staring at distant, faint objects to study the origins of the universe requires several layers of engineering skill and design trickery. The people at NASA are no strangers to this, having invented all sorts of new materials to improve telescopes and other observational tools. A new design may be one of their best examples yet: A blacker-than-black nanomaterial that absorbs pretty much all of the light that hits it.It works by collecting and trapping light inside tiny gaps between the nanotubes, which are arranged in vertical fibrous strands like a tall shag carpet. This light would otherwise reflect off the surface and bounce around, creating noise. Click here for more


Sleek Urban Hive Lets You Keep Bees in the Comfort of Your Apartment

[Courtesy: This is posted  by Rebecca Boyle on the popular site]


One of my goals in life is to have a bee colony, so I can produce honey, pollinate the neighborhood and help out this country’s amazing but threatened honeybees. Obviously this is a much greater logistical challenge than keeping other creatures, which is why I have no bees at present. But this new concept from Philips could make it a lot easier, by simply glomming a bee colony onto an apartment window. Click here for more

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