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Will the smartwatch trend catch on among watch collectors?

Originally posted on Tech News for Geeks: This year, wearable devices are taking center stage at major device conferences like the Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile World Congress. With smartwatches on the rise, will the trend catch on among serious watch collectors, too? Samsung Gear, Qualcomm Toq, Pebble, HTC Preview ?… Read more:

Smartphone : Driving Democratisation of Photography

As Posted in HuffingtonPost, by Olivier Laurent, Editor of FLTR, the world’s first weekly magazine on smartphone photography. One of the worst things you can say to professional photographers is that, thanks to smartphones, we are all photographers today. They will argue that real photographic talent comes from experience and that amateurs will never replace…

What makes people Happier — Objects or Experiences?

Did you have a happy childhood? Do you remember Christmas morning or your birthday, when you woke up and knew there were presents just for you waiting around the corner? Do you remember the lights on the tree or the candles glowing atop the birthday cake as your family and friends serenaded you? Did you…

The 10 Great Websites that built History!

Hey Guys, Today afternoon I was just clicking around on my system when I found this very interesting piece of article-well, dunno about you but I did get my eyes pasted on to it for a while-this was about a list of the 10 most influential websites ever-ya, I too guessed those few names popping…